Machining is, first and foremost, the act of transforming a raw material into a finished product. There are several processes that can allow machinists to attain that objective, and certain competitors have adopted this occupation while mistakenly assuming that it isn’t particularly complex. Proper study of manufacturing methods, combined with knowledge of materials that might be used for various applications, makes a significant difference in terms of the durability of machined parts.


The same principles apply in the field of repair, as parts must be restored to their former durability, only with additional technical support to assess possible methods of solidifying those parts so as to avoid replacement costs.


For more than 40 years now, our ideas have been assisting both companies and individuals alike in accomplishing their projects. Our motto is quite simple… All challenges are worthwhile! This is the philosophy that has helped us earn the trust of our clients during all these years. Their most diverse needs have guided us in the purchasing of machine tools allowing for the manufacturing of all sorts of parts in a wide variety of sizes.