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Manufacturing process


We have been able to improve in the realization and repair of driveshafts, making us a must in the field.

In a sector that is increasingly complex today, we are constantly seeking to offer the best quality / price ratio to our customers. The specialized equipment that we have in the workshop allows us to modify, repair, balance and manufacture all kinds of drive shafts.

The maintenance of the driveshaft combined with adequate balancing are factors favoring a longevity of the affected equipment because they help to eliminate vibrations. A few modifications are often enough to avoid the costly replacement of the entire driveshaft as the manufacturers would like.

We can help individuals, garages as well as auto parts distributors by providing an efficient and very fast service.

Always in order to offer a better service, our company has a large inventory of new parts and also puts at your disposal a full range of driveshaft allowing the exchange on several models.

In the industrial, agricultural and heavy vehicle sector, our solutions and our inventory of high quality parts (Heavy Duty) allow us to repair or replace a driveshaft in order to optimize its performance and its lifespan.




How to measure a driveshaft?

The figure below represents most of the vehicles. If you notice any differences on your vehicle, contact us or come and meet us to determine the measures to be taken to ensure that you obtain the correct length.

Measure center to center of the joints at the ends, ensuring that the usual weight of the vehicle rests on the rear suspension and that the transmission yoke has returned to the bottom.

How to measure a Yoke?

To adequately measure the differential Yoke, first make sure that it has 2 stops to center the joint. If this is the case, take note of the dimension "A" and then measure the diameter of the "Cup" which is in fact the dimension "B". Be careful when taking measurements as they can vary by less than 1/16 of an inch.